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Basement Refinishing

Every year, thousands of Canadians finish their basements for the simple reason that they find they can significantly increase their home's living space--and it's market value--for a comparatively modest investment.

That's precisely why we use only the finest materials to provide you with lasting value. We will help you choose the design that best complements your home, taking maximum advantage of the space you have available to meet your requirements. 

Whether you desire a new entertainment area for the kids, a home office, a family recreation room, or a high tech home theatre, you will find that Top2Bottom can provide you with a variety of solutions. 

Your basement will become a quiet and comfortable extension of your existing home. Why not invest in an asset that you can enjoy year round, everyday and in every season. If the idea of a beautiful basement sounds good to you, please don't hesitate to call or drop us an email.


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